Tuesday, October 7, 2014


As I approach the official release date of both the print and digital versions of The Queenschair (which may be as soon as tomorrow, as soon as the ebook conversion is complete), I've thought about what kind of promotion I should try to do.

And I've come to no conclusions about that, so I'm happy just to take it slow, start out by asking friends and relatives to take a look, and continue learning about this process that is Self-Publishing: We Stand Alone, Together. The blogs I follow, especially the Passive Voice and the blogs of Joe Konrath, Hugh Howey, Rachel Aaron, and David Gaughran, have given me a wealth of knowledge that I'll finally start tapping into.

But as a fun activity to start, I've created a nice wallpaper to plaster my work computer screen with :)

Originally intended for the book cover

Coming up next time...the book trailer!

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