Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Queenschair Volume III is out...mostly

Hi one and all, sorry for the long layoff between posts but I've been editing Volume 3 pretty intensely; I'm pretty sure my brain was even running edits in my sleep. But all of that work has been worth it, because the BOOK IS OUT!

Amazon.com - print version

At least...in print on Amazon, as of April 26, 2015. The e-book version will take a little longer because the e-book conversion company I use, Polgarus Studio, is experiencing delays due to a medical emergency. They've done a great job with my first two books so I don't mind waiting for the third. I apologize for the delay for everyone who prefers to get the digital version. And for anyone who hasn't read any of the books yet but is at least mildly interested, I'll be discounting the first 2 books' digital versions as soon as the Volume 3 e-book goes up! So you can grab the 3 available books for the price of a Subway footlong.

Thanks for your support!

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